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FHT is built on the premise of bringing the fine leather work of talented craftsmen and women from around the world, to you, at an affordable cost and the highest possible quality. 

My original line of hand crafted camel leather messenger bags and handbags is built on a friendship and business relationship that started with a worn out old saddle.  Back in 1997, I was exploring India and the neighborhood for six months after college with a shoestring budget and a backpack, and while wandering the back alleys of a little village, found a cool old saddle in a tiny cramped, dusty, oddity filled antique shop.  And yes, in hindsight, a saddle is not the best thing to stick in your backpack to carry for the next several months..  But it was pretty cool.

Looking the saddle over, among the stacks and shelves of treasures in the shop, the ancient leather looked ready to crumble off the beautiful wood and iron frame, and I was about to put it back in the pile of goodies.  However, I noticed a small leather shop across the cobblestone alley, and I asked the gentleman sitting outside if it would be possible to recreate what time had taken its toll on.  He was intrigued by the request, and a day later, I had a perfect replacement, along with a superb custom made leather satchel to go along with it. Over the years I returned to the village several times and always made it a point to purchase some leather bags from the same craftsman while passing through.

Many years later, we are still doing business, and now along with new partners I've added over the years in my travels, I am proud to bring these excellent bags and satchels to customers who value the unique character of hand crafted, highly functional creations by small scale family craftsmen.  My goal is a bag you can be proud to carry on all your journeys. Far Horizon Traders is at your side, for the road you walk, from Kathmandu to the local coffee shop.


Thank you, -Matt    


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